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R&D Center
R&D Center
Global Research Headquarters
The global R & D headquarters is located in Zhangjiang High - tech Park in Shanghai and is an important force in the R&D strategy of Jemincare Group. It will build a complete R&D system from raw material synthesis to project declaration. The R&D headquarters will set up 20 professional and technical departments from project selection and cooperation, generic and innovative drug development, pharmacological efficacy and clinical research to project registration and comprehensive management, and set up overseas research institutes as branches, while integrating the organizational system of R &D teams of various production enterprises.

Jemincare Group will continue to increase its cultivation and investment in R&D, achieve rapid breakthroughs in key areas, and build its global R&D headquarters into a first-class national and internationally renowned pharmaceutical R&D base.

Five research centers

Breakthrough Drug Research CenterFocusing on domestic research on drugs with high incidence of liver cancer and gastric cancer and no high-effect target therapy, actively exploring and developing new target drugs, and carrying out cutting-edge scientific research and drug innovation.
Generic Drug Research CenterFocusing on the generic research of high value-added drugs urgently needed by the market and actively exploring the best solution for the generic pharmaceutical industry and global resource allocation, which has covered many fields.
Chinese Medicine and New Preparation Technology Research CenterDevoting to the research of traditional Chinese medicine and new preparation technology, focusing on a high starting point and forward-looking drug release system, and carrying out secondary technology mining for large varieties already on the market.
Clinical Medical Research CenterThe center will carry out high-quality and high-level drug clinical research and efficacy evaluation research under the guiding of clinical application, and establish a large database of health care research in the group.
Global Research CenterSetting up branch research institutions overseas ( e.g. USA, Israel, Australia ) to integrate global drug research wisdom and resources, and undertaking the approval and certification of domestic drugs entering the international market.

R&D Team

At present, there are more than 300 R&D personnel, including 35 doctors, 126 masters, 17 returnees in group, among which the proportion of masters and doctorates is over 50 %, and there are 7 provincial talent programs ( for example, 1,000 provincial talents ). The core researchers all have research background in top overseas universities, and many have participated in new drug research projects in the top 10 international pharmaceutical companies.

We plan to set up a team of talents with reasonable scale, optimized structure, excellent quality and complete specialties within five years. The scale of research and development personnel will gradually increase to more than 1000, of which more than 10 % will be introduced by doctors, more than 60 % by masters, and 20 top scientists will be introduced to form a first-class domestic R&D team led by outstanding scientists in various sub-disciplines dedicated to innovation and drug research with high medical value.
Research projectAt present, the group has 34 research projects, including 7 innovative drugs, 20 generic drugs, 3 traditional Chinese medicines and 4 imported projects, mainly covering the treatment fields of tumors, cardiovascular and kidney diseases.

34Research project

7Innovative medicine


3Chinese medicine

4Imported Projects

Project debriefingUp to now, there are 25 projects have been in the clinical application phase of preclinical research, 7 projects have entered the clinical trial phase, and 2 projects have been obtained new drug approvals for sale.

25Preclinical Research Application

7Clinical experiment

2Obtained New Drug Approvals for Sale